TravelSat-V2 Mobile VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)

Product image 1TravelSat-V2 Mobile VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)
Product image 2TravelSat-V2 Mobile VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)
Product image 3TravelSat-V2 Mobile VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)
Product image 4TravelSat-V2 Mobile VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)
Product image 5TravelSat-V2 Mobile VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)
Product image 6TravelSat-V2 Mobile VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)
Product image 7TravelSat-V2 Mobile VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)

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The TravelSat-V2 Portable VAST Satellite TV DELUXE Kit contains absolutely everything you will need to enjoy free-to-air TV whilst on the road.

BEWARE - There are cheaper similar kits to this on the market but they do not contain the same accessories included in this kit.  Make sure you compare apples with apples.  

Why Buy a TravelSat-V2?

The TravelSat-V2 Portable VAST Satellite Dish is the original folding dish design introduced to Australia in 2009. Since then over 7,000 dishes based on this design have been purchased. The popularity of this dish is due to its all in one design - integrated base with no need for a separate tripod.



The benefits of this style of dish are:

  • Integrated mount so no separate tripod is required. This reduces weight by up to 5KG.
  • Less space. As there is no tripod required, only the dish needs to be stored.
  • Setup time is about 30 seconds to have the dish ready for alignment.
  • Alignment is easier than a standard tripod mount dish. This is due to the placement of the elevation tube on the rear of the dish. Each 5 degree graduation is about 1.5 inches apart so it is much easier to locate the signal. On a traditional dish, 5 degree increments are about 5mm apart so greater accuracy is required.
  • Lower cost. The TravelSat-V2 Portable VAST Satellite Dish comes complete with LNB and padded carry bag and is around $80 less than a tripod mounted dish with bag.


The disadvantages of this style of dish are:

  • As the dish and base are one, it is more difficult to move the dish side to side on rocky terrain when compared to a tripod mounted dish.
  • It cannot be pole mounted. Many travelers choose to take their dish off the tripod and mount it on a mast on the drawbar or rear bar of the van. This isn't a practical option with the TravelSat-V2 dish.


Setting the elevation angle of the dish is easy. You can see from the picture below that the angles are in five degree increments. Each increment is about 1.5" apart so locating the satellite is much easier with this style of dish. 



The LNB arm folds in on the front of the dish and the reflector then hinges down onto the frame. An engraved LNB is included showing skew marks at 5 degree increments. 


The unit then packs away into its included padded bag and stored on the mattress or rear of the 4WD. The package is 83cm tall but only 76cm wide. Weight is around 5KG in the bag. 




The dish reflector has been zinc coated prior to painting so will resist corrosion. The frame is painted mild steel. It is necessary (as with any metal outdoor product) to maintain the dish using silicon spray in the moving parts or wire brush and primer as time goes by. 



The included single output LNB (amplifier on the front of the dish) is compatible with VAST, Austar and Foxtel and has a single cable wired from the dish. This is suitable for all VAST and standard pay TV boxes (excluding MyStar and Foxtel IQ which require a twin output LNB).



Altech UEC 4921 Twin Tuner VAST Satellite TV Receiver

The Altech 4921 VAST Decoder is undoubtedly the best decoder for use in a caravan and motorhome. Its small size and low power consumption as well as 12V and 240V operation coupled with features like, dual tuner for PVR recording (recording direct to an external USB drive), easy to use on-screen menus, IR sensor port (so you can hide the decoder away in a cupboard and have the sensor outside the cupboard), HDMI output and more.

You'll get access to the complete range of free to air Australian TV channels almost anywhere in Australia. 

Altech 4921 VAST Decoder


SATELLITE METER - TravelSat 4200HD Handheld Meter

You'll need to align your satellite dish to the satellite and to do this we include the best consumer level satellite meter in the market.  This meter will save you hours of headaches and may even save your marriage! This is TravelSat's answer to the ClearSat 3240

The TravelSat 4200HD Handheld Meter is ultimate satellite TV VAST Foxtel caravan traveller’s meter. The TravelSat 4200HD will have your dish lined up in minutes not hours.

Programmed specifically for the VAST & PayTV networks, the TravelSat 4200HD Handheld Meter will lock on quick and is very responsive.

Powered by a built in, long life lithium battery, there's no need to be dragging your coaxial cable around while looking for the best position for your dish. Robust build quality with rubberised handle makes holding the meter in your hand much easier than some of the larger more cumbersome meters.

Expected battery life while in use is around 4 hours so given it'll only take you a couple of minutes to align the dish, charges will be few and far between. On the subject of charging, the TravelSat 4200HD comes standard with an AC charger.


ClearSat 3240





  • a short cable for the dish to connect to the meter
  • a 10m cable from the dish to the caravan wall
  • internal 1m cable from the inside wall to the decoder. 



You'll need a way to connect that external coaxial cable in through your van wall. We n supply our EziPlate weatherproof wall fitting that is easy and neat to install. The EziPlate can adjust to wall thicknesses up to 35mm and is a direct, no loss connection from outside to in.

You may already have something similar but unless it is a direct connection from outside to in with no joins or splitter in between then it will not work.  




A basic compass can be supplied with our system - choose from the options. You don't need to be a scout’s captain to align a dish. The compass is used as a reference to North. When you read through our instruction manual, you'll notice that the direction charts relate to North.




The 12V lead will enable you to run the SatKing decoder from a cigarette socket.



Connect your SatKing 980CA VAST Decoder to your TV using the included HDMI cable for the clearest possible picture.



Everything makes sense when they come with concise instructions and we include our TravelSat manual to assist you with directions, elevation angles as well as decoder screenshots and more. 


This complete TravelSat-V2 Portable VAST kit will provide you with years of trouble free operation. You'll be able to access the full range of VAST digital TV channels as well as local weather and news feeds. We offer unparalleled technical support 40 hours per week if required. Thousands sold and used all around Australia from local to remote areas. Best price too on this system. 



  • TravelSat-V2 Satellite Dish & carry bag.
  • Single Output LNB
  • Altech 4921RV 12v/240v VAST Satellite Decoder
  • TravelSat 4200HD Premium Handheld Meter
  • Compass
  • Weatherproof Ezi-Plate
  • Cable Kit (2 x 1m, 1 x 10m)
  • 1.5m HDMI cable
  • TravelSat User Manual


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