VAST Decoders

What Is The Best VAST Decoder?

Customers regularly ask us what is the difference between the Satking 980CA, Altech UEC 4921 and the Humax 1003s? The answer is that they are all very similar but Altech and Satking decoders and the Humax decoder have a few unique features.

The standard Altech UEC 4921 is the smallest VAST satellite receiver on the market. It's compact size makes it very popular for caravan and motorhome installations. It has the ability to attach an external USB hard drive to the back of the unit and record free-to-air TV using it's dual tuner.

The Satking 980CA does come with a learning remote control to act as a universal control to also switch your TV from standby mode to on, and to also control the volume and input selection on the TV. 

The Humax 1003s is bigger than both the Altech UEC 4921 & Satking 980CA but has the ability to easy install a fixed hard drive inside it for recording your favorite free-to-air TV shows. If you are unsure which satellite TV receiver/decoder is best for your situation please give us a call on 0457 211 833.

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