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New Optus-10 Satellite Causes Problems for Satellite Finders

The Optus-10 Satellite was launched in September 2014 and is now in a testing phase. Unfortunately, one of the frequencies that they transmit on is identical to the VAST frequencies that most satellite finders are pre-programmed for (12567MHz, 30000, Vertical).

The problem is that the new Optus-10 satellite is only 8° east of the existing Optus-C1 satellite from which the VAST signal is transmitted. If you own a digital satellite finder that is pre-programmed for VAST it will now give you a lock (signal strength & quality reading) on both satellites.

If you have aligned your satellite dish and your satellite finder gives you a good signal strength and quality reading but no signal on your VAST decoder it is likely you have aligned to the Optus-10 satellite. To rectify the problem, rotate your dish 8° to the west and increase the elevation on your dish by 2-3° and you should get a lock on the Optus-C1 satellite.

There have been thousands of digital satellite finders sold over the last 5 years that will be affected by the new Optus-10 satellite transmissions. You can easily re-program your satellite meter by changing the frequency from 12567MHz to 12647MHz which will solve this problem. If you need help with this process, please call us on 0468 444 112 or email and we will help you re-program your meter.


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