Cel-Fi GO Telstra Mobile Magnetic Pack

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Cel-Fi GO Mobile Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the Telstra Mobile Network.

Nextivity's Cel-Fi GO is an intelligent in vehicle coverage solution for Telstra's Next G® and 4GX networks operating on 3G 850Mhz and 4G 700/1800 bands. It is designed to dramatically boost voice quality and increase data speeds for moving vehicle applications.

The Cel-fi GO differs greatly from the standard vehicle repeater due to its ability to not interfere with the mobile network or other users. Often referred to as a Smart Repeater, Cel-Fi GO has the ability to provide maximum coverage and be network friendly.

It does this in several ways by:

  • continuously monitoring power levels of the cell tower it is connected to and constantly adjusting the Cel-Fi's output power to suit.
  • only amplifying and disbursing a particular carrier’s mobile signal, operating within a set frequency band.
    not interfering with the carrier’s network or other users on the network.
  • having a unique installation process to eliminate feedback into the mobile network.

Cel-Fi GO is covered by a 24 month warranty.

Important Note: Cel-Fi GO will boost a single band at a time (either 3G 850 or 4G 700 or 4G 1800). It is highly recommended to leave the GO in 3G mode to ensure voice calls are received. Voice on 4G (VoLTE) will only work in selected areas and with later model phones.


cel fi go mobile



  • Made for vehicles and transport applications
  • 70dB of system gain
  • Will only start boosting once the mobile signal drops below -80dBm (3G) or -96dBm (4G)
  • Includes external and internal antennas
  • Locked to Telstra's Mobile Network
  • Carrier approved
  • Band Selection Button
  • Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers


money back guarantee 30days

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cel fi go telstra repeater for cars


pdf icon small Cel-Fi GO Mobile Brochure

pdf icon small Cel-Fi GO Mobile Quick Start Guide


Supported Networks

Telstra, Aldi Mobile, Boost Mobile, Woolworths Mobile






NOTE:  As a regulatory requirement there are some simple questions we need to ask you so we complete a registration form on your behalf. We will call you to obtain this information once your purchase has been processed.





UMTS/3G 850 - Band 5
Uplink: 824 - 849 MHz, Downlink: 869 - 894 MHz
4G 700/1800 - Band 28 & 3
Uplink: 703 – 733 MHz, Downlink: 758 – 788 MHz
Uplink: 1710 – 1785 MHz, Downlink: 1805 – 1880 MHz
(Will only boost a single frequency at a time)




Up to 70dB system gain


Will only boost between these signal levels:
3G: -80dBm and -104dBm
4G: -95dBm and -119dBm


Button for band selection:
3G: 850
4G: 700 or 1800 (strongest signal)
AUTO: 850, 700 or 1800 (strongest signal)


H: 28mm
W: 87mm
L: 255mm
Weight: 600g

Operating Temperature: 0° to 65°C
Storage Temperature: -25° to 65°C
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% noncondensing
12 VDC via external supply (2 included)
External Supply: 100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
Power Consumption:
External Antenna Ports: Donor and Service SMA Female
Programming Ports: Mini-USB
Bluetooth Low Energy
24 months

CE Mark



Cel-Fi GO is a state of the art, very complex “Smart Repeater” and is approved by Telstra if installed correctly.

It is guaranteed to provide massive signal enhancement in poor reception areas, however incorrect installation may significantly reduce performance.

Installation of a Cel-Fi GO is best done by a qualified installer. Only qualified Powertec Telecommunication Resellers who have undertaken product training on the required precautions should perform installation of the Cel-Fi GO.

Vehicular Cel-Fi GO Packs in particular require you to take into account the vehicle’s safety mechanisms such as airbags, ABS, Traction Control, Stability Control and the auto electrics. Incorrect installation may result in water leaks, electrical failure, battery damage, fusing of internal wiring and cables or risk of FIRE. Misuse of this equipment could result in injury and equipment damage. In no event will Powertec Telecommunications P/L be responsible or liable for either indirect or consequential damage or injury that may result from the installation or use of this equipment.

If the above precautions are not fully understood, or if local conditions are not covered, contact your nearest Powertec Telecommunications sales or service representative for clarification.

You should also be familiar with applicable federal, state and local legislation and industry standards surrounding installations.



The Setup

The recommended setup is a donor antenna on the roof of the vehicle, the Cel-Fi GO mounted under the seat and the service antenna on the dashboard facing the passengers.



How to Maximise the Setup:

  • Isolating the donor and service antenna from each other as much as possible is the most important key to a good setup. This could be by using the metal roof as a barrier between the antennas, maximising the distance between and positioning the antennas at different levels. The separation is represented by the ‘BOOST’ number found in the WAVE App, with 7 to 9 being optimal in a car. Positioning the indoor and outdoor antennas in different positions will help achieve this.

  • Having the donor antenna as high as possible on the outside of the car.
  • Tinted windows can also assist with isolating the antennas.
  • The greater the isolation between antennas, the higher the boosted signal will be within different areas of the car.
  • It is important to remember that each installation will be different, and it’s not a case of one indoor or outdoor antenna position suits all vehicles.



Outdoor Antenna Setup

The position of the outdoor antenna ideally needs to be high up on the car, so signal can be received in a 360 degree radius and not obstructed by parts of the car.

GO will offer the best performance when the outdoor antenna is isolated as much as possible from the indoor antenna. This is by distance and having a metal panel in between.

From our testing the roof seems to be the optimal position to assist with isolation and height.


Example mounting positions:




Running the Cable 

To get the cable into the car interior, find a gap between the doors or boot and the car body. Ensure the gap is large enough not to squash the cable and you can freely wiggle the cable when the door is shut. The rubber door seals can be pulled out and the cable placed under the rubber.

The interior plastics or carpet can be then used to hide the cable, until you reach under the seat or centre console where the GO is mounted.

It is important not the run the cable in front of any airbags or airbag panels. Also not in areas where the cable could be crushed or punctured by moving doors or seats.

If you have to drill any holes or puncture the door rubbers, be sure that you use sealant to ensure it will not result in water entering the cabin.



Mounting the GO 


The most common place to mount the GO is either under a seat or under the centre console. The mounting spot should ideally have some airflow, be safe from bumps and within range of a 12v power source.

Screws are included with the GO, but the easiest way to mount is with industrial adhesive Velcro.

If you do not plan on using the WAVE App with GO, then you will need to maintain access to the band selection button on the front of the casing. Alternately those techy people will be happy to use the App to switch between bands and can hide the GO away.

Remember not to permanently mount GO until you find the optimal antenna positions.



Connecting to Power  


GO comes with a 12v power lead with a cigarette lighter socket fitted, this is the easiest way to mount GO. If you want the power hidden away, then a licensed auto electrician can hard wire to your vehicles 12V system.

Some vehicles include a hidden cigarette lighter socket, such as in the centre console box where you can drill a hole through the bottom to run the power cable for a cleaner install.




Mounting the Indoor Antenna

The small panel antenna will radiate the mobile signal out in a bubble pattern, so ideally needs to point towards the passengers. It has an adhesive backing for attaching to a flat surface.

Secondly the signal output of the indoor antenna needs to be isolated as much as possible from the external antenna.

Common places to mount the antenna include the dashboard, front windscreen pillars, sun visors, rear vision mirror or centre console.


TESTING – Outdoor Antenna Positions

Now we come to the fun bit, lets see how different outdoor antenna positions affect the GO’s performance.

With the indoor antenna mounted on the dashboard pointing towards the passengers, we secured a phone to the drivers headrest and obtained signal strength readings from the phone.

The WAVE App provided the Boost and the input signal measurement from the external antenna.



TESTING – Indoor Antenna Positions

In this test we have the external antenna in the centre of the roof and move around the internal antenna to see how this affects performance to a phone attached to the drivers headrest.

Signal RSSI was measured from the phone, with the GO turned off the signal in the cabin was -100dB.

Input signal from the external antenna was -81dB measured in the WAVE App.


TESTING – Distance from Antenna Test

Want to know what the signal strength is like the further you move away from the indoor antenna, see below for the results during our test.



From the testing conducted the GO performs well, taking the signal from extremely poor where a call would break up, to good where the call was clear.

The main two factors that determined how good the phone signal will be on your phone, is the Boost applied by the GO and the input signal level from the external antenna. This Boost was archeived by isolating the indoor antenna from the outdoor antenna. The Boost measurement can be obtained in the WAVE App with 6 and over being optimal.

Maximising the input signal was achieved by the height of the antenna on the vehicle. In remote areas the gain of the antenna is also going to come into consideration.

The big thing we learnt from testing is that optimal antenna positions for different vehicles is going to be different. It is important to test the input signal and the boost in the WAVE App before permanently mounting the antennas.


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