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Sunday, 20 March 2016 TravelSat-V2

TravelSat-V2 Portable Satellite Dish

This review is long overdue but much needed. The TravelSat-V2 portable satellite dish will look familiar to most caravaners. Triangular base, folding dishes, like the TravelSat-V2 have been the number 1 selling satellite dish in Australia during the last decade and it is unusual to visit a caravan park and not see one in action.

So what has made these dishes the number 1 seller for the last decade? Without a shadow of a doubt it is the price. A basic VAST satellite kit including the TravelSat-V2 dish, Satking VAST decoder and analogue satellite finder somewhere around $500. This will give you reliable TV reception around the majority Australia including of the most remote locations in our country. If you compare this with the most common caravan antenna, made by Winguard, the price is similar yet the coverage of the TravelSat-V2 is vastly superior.

Less than 20% of Australia's land mass is serviced by terrestrial TV towers (used by a standard TV antenna). This means that around more than 80% of the country an antenna is useless not matter of how good it is. If watching your favorite TV shows is important when you travel then your only option for reliable TV reception for free-to-air TV is satellite (VAST). The TravelSat-V2 is the affordable solution.

If you have never owned a portable satellite dish before then the TravelSat-V2 is a good place to start with the price for the dish only being just $245.

For more infomations on our kits and pricing we suggest that you visit the following links:

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TravelSat-V2 Dish Only



Thursday, 17 December 2015 SatKing 800CA


The Satking 800CA VAST certified satellite decoder is now available. Designed in Australia, this decoder ticks all the boxes for both the home user and the traveller. The first thing you'll love about this unit is its size. Measuring a mere 220 mm wide it will fit in any entertainment cabinet at home or on a shelf in a caravan. Being powered by an external transformer (included), the unit can be operated from a 240V AC socket at home or via a cigarette lead. Power consumption is a mere 9 watts so it is economical to run whether from the transformer or from the battery of your van. Better still, the Satking DVBS2-800CA is PVR ready so you can record the programs direct to a USB stick or drive (not included).

Monday, 12 October 2015 ClearSat 3240


The ultimate consumer level satellite TV meter for VAST, Foxtel, and mobile satellite dishes. The ClearSat 3240 will have your dish lined up in minutes not hours. Programmed specifically for the VAST/Pay TV networks (Optus C1/D3 satellite), the ClearSat 3240 digital satellite meter will lock on quickly and is very responsive. Powered by a built in, long life lithium battery, there's no need to be dragging your coaxial cable around while looking for the best position for your dish. Robust build quality with rubberised handle makes holding the meter in your hand much easier than some of the larger more cumbersome meters. Expected battery life while in use is around 4 hours so given it'll only take you a couple of minutes to align the dish, charges will be few and far between.


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